Study and Job Opportunities in France

France is a suitable country for people from many countries to live in, with both western European and Mediterranean culture. The population of France, whose capital is Paris, is approximately 67 million. In France, which is a very crowded country, minimum wages start from 1500 Euros.

In France, where the social state understanding is the strongest in Europe, it accepts students from all over the world to schools and universities completely free of charge. On the other hand, the language of instruction is completely French and other languages ​​are taught secondary. Good knowledge of French is essential to live, work or study in France.

France has a good immigration and foreign policy. A large number of Africans and foreigners from other countries live in France, and these people can adapt to living in France in a short time thanks to these policies. France is a strong country in the service sector as well as industry. In terms of tourism, it is one of the few countries in the world. Paris alone welcomes over 50 million tourists every year.

The most demanded jobs you can work with ASA HRM are as follows; Waiter, Bartender, Hostess, Chef, Cook, Spa Therapist, Construction Staff etc.
If you are sure that you want to work in France and you have decided on the right job in your mind, you can find the most suitable job for you on the ASA HRM Career page.